Kennels For Canines Emergency Fund

The previous City of Yonkers administration signed off on the size of the “new” Animal Shelter in December 2011. At that time kennel space for larger dogs was sacrificed. The final plans they left behind for the current administration to work with, show these kennels as a possible future “extension”.

On top of that, more family pets are being abandoned due to continuing economic hardships. The majority of these pets are larger dogs. The new building is beautiful, BUT more space is desperately needed to save lives now!

The current Yonkers Administration has been diligently revising the plans they were left with to accommodate the increase in abandoned animals. But due to budget constraints they cannot afford to do the entire extension now.

More Kennel Space is Desperately Needed!

Help us build those missing kennels to save lives NOW! Without the kennel extension the shelter has less room for dogs, especially larger dogs. Where will they go? What will happen to them? While many of you have heard the “new” Yonkers Animal shelter is bigger, which is true, however there are less kennels for dogs than before. The interior of the building is bigger and can house more cats, toy size and small dogs. The interior of the building is state of the art for animal shelters with its own air filtration system, meet and greet rooms for doggie introductions and a beautiful new communal cat space. But there is less kennel space for dogs.