Spaying and Neutering Pets Saves Lives

The following Low Cost Spay Neuter listing is provided as a guide.  Remember
when you contact any of these resources make sure you confirm if there are additional costs in addition to the cost for the spay or neuter.  In almost all cases your pet will be required to have up to date inoculations; confirm this and if the facility offers low cost inoculations if your pet needs them.

Veterinary professionals and accredited dog trainers stress that for your pet’s health and even behavior it is extremely beneficial to spay or neuter your pet.

Even more important it helps end the terrible cycle of unwanted pets in animal shelters, many that will never find new homes and end up being euthanized.

Even with great advances in rescue work and education on the need to spay/neuter each year almost 5,000,000 unwanted animals are put to death.

If you know of a relative or friend who has an unsprayed/un-neutered dog or cat please help spread the word give them this information

Everyone says not my dog or cat, I keep them inside…such was the case of the owned cat who pushed her way out of a screened window to return home one week later and giving birth to a litter of kittens shortly thereafter.

Each one of us can help save a life

Animal Welfare League of Westchester

(914) 948-2094. 10 am – 2 pm weekdays (except Wednesday) to purchase discount spay/neuter certificates. You will be provided with a list of participating vets who will honor the certificate. Prices range depending on size of animal:

Cats: $50 - $65. Dogs: $70 - $220

ASPCA Cares Mobile Van

MUST LIVE in the 5 Boroughs of NYC
424 East 92nd Street
New York, NY  10128

Friends of Animals

1-800-321-PETS (1-800-321-7387)
Spaying and Neutering Certificates may be purchased on-line. Or call to order by mail.
Female Dogs - $110

Male Dogs - $74

Female Cats - $85

Male Cats - $61

New Rochelle Humane Society:

(914) 632-2925

Low cost spay/neuter certificates can be purchased at the shelter 7 days a week.
When you purchase the certificate, you will be provided with a list of veterinarians who participate in the program. Please be advised that this certificate covers the cost of the spaying/neutering of your pet and there may be additional costs associated with this procedure which vary from vet to vet.
Dogs: $60 - $95. 

Cats: Male - $45;

Female Spay - $50


Simpson Spay Neuter Clinic at Westchester SPCA, Briarcliff, NY

To make an appointment (914) 941-2896.  ext 10

Dog Spay:

1-50 lbs. - $275

51-75lbs. - $250

Over 75 lbs. -$275


Dog Neuter: 

1-50 lbs. - $225

51-75lbs. - $250

Over 75 lbs. -$275



Cat Spay - $150

Cat Neuter - $125