Memorialize Your Beloved Pets

Remembering those who touched our lives so much. There is nothing like the love and unwavering devotion of our beloved pets. Each special to us, and we often reminisce and know how empty our lives would have been without them. They fill our hearts, minds and souls long after they are gone.

Our grief ultimately fades into happy memories and the knowledge that they wait to meet us at the Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge is that wonderful place just this side of Heaven where all animals go to wait for those who meant so much to them in this life. Even those who were homeless, they wait there too for animal advocates and rescue people, those who worked so hard in this life to save as many as they could.

There are green fields, plenty of shade trees, cool sparkling creeks to play in, and everyone is happy and content. There is no worry or fear for any. Those who were old and sick are restored to youth and those who were injured or maimed are made whole again full of vigor. Those who had to leave their special person behind are happy but something is missing. Those who were homeless here on earth feel it too; they know they are still waiting for someone but now they don’t wait in fear and despair.

Then one day an animal stops puts their nose to the slight breeze, looks into the distance and their heart soars. You have been spotted either by your beloved pet who had to leave here too soon or one of the homeless pets who know their re` scue person has come.You meet in an embrace full of the warmest kisses ever. You both then cross over the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven, never to be separated or alone again.


Daisy was a lovely Seal Point Siamese. She came to us rather late in her life....and she brought with her love and joy. During her brief time with us she was able to train us as to what she wanted. No matter where we happened to be, she always joined us. Her calm presence was a gift that we will always remember.

Thank you Daisy for all you gave us.


I had 2 cats and decided on adding another and that is how Tigger came into our lives. He was six years old at the time and lived to be a good ripe age of 21. Tigger was very determined and with two other cats, Zena and then Jade he did what he wanted to do. At the end of his life he wanted to sit above my pillow and put his paw on my hand or arm all night long.


We will all miss you Tigger and know that you Zena and Peek-A-Boo are spending time together now.


Pearl was a lovely golden retriever with a great spirit. Adopted at 4 1/2 yrs by a new family, she very quickly started to train her new owners into how she wanted things run. Training took awhile but finally it all fell into place. Long walks with plenty of opportunities to explore. Pearl was always open to sampling whatever was being prepared in the kitchen, whether it was sliced ham or turkey pieces or sliced french bread. She never met a bowl of coffee ice cream that she did not like. Whether for a lick or a small scoop. Pearl will be missed by her family and friends. All this proves is that a 110 lb Alpha female can be a joyful addition to a family. Pearl was 10 1/2 years old.

How You Can Memorialize Your Beloved Pet

For a donation of just $25 you can memorialize your pet on our website. Your full donation will go to the Kennels for Canines Fund. Pet Adoption League, Inc has set up a specific fund to support the building of the much needed kennel extension at the Yonkers Animal Shelter. You can learn more about Kennels for Canine fundraiser here.