Become a Foster Home

Pet foster parents save lives! A foster parent will care for a homeless pet as if he was their own until he is adopted. Shelter environments can be extremely stressful for dogs. It is much more comfortable for them to stay in a home environment. They are able to get more individualized care in someone's home. It also gives them better socialization skills, which makes them a more well-adjusted pet. We train you to screen potential adopters to determine if they are a suitable match for your foster pet. You will then get to experience the joy of helping a homeless animal find a loving family of his own.

It is impossible to predict how long an animal will remain in foster care. Some pets are adopted within a week of becoming available. Others may take longer. If you cannot commit to this kind of long-term care, you might wish to help in other ways. We expect our adopters to never give up on their pets, so we expect the same from our foster parents.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent, please contact us via email. petadoptionleaguewestchester@gmail.comPlease add the subject line "Foster Home," to your message.