"Help Yonkers Animal Shelter"

Help Bring Hope to the Forgotten

Your Donation Helps in so many ways…

Pet Adoption League is a small all-volunteer group 501(c) 3 charity helping homeless dogs and cats in lower Westchester County. That means your donation is 100% tax deductible, in 2017 we helped hundreds of pets who were abandoned, rescued off the streets and provided medical care to animals at a local municipal animal shelter.

Our motto, Homes for the homeless, Hope for the doomed is based on the positive ideal of HOPE. With the help of many and willingness to be there, we all can be part of bringing Hope to those that have been forgotten.

Instead of photos of sadness and despair, we want to tell some of the stories here of what HOPE and your help have done this past year.

Kittens Rescused from the Streets

Adorable and sweet, but sick when they first came to us and now all in loving homes. They look adorable but without Pet Adoption League help they would have been destined to live on the streets or not to have even survived. Thi litter of kittens is just one in the over 90  kittens that were rescued and fostered this past year.  Each year we rescue and find homes for 170 – 225 cats and kittens.


Brought to a local animal shelter poor Lilac began to literally wither away in the Animal Shelter. Several vet visits, medication, special food and she would bounce back the vomiting would end. BUT then her condition worsened and she was diagnosed with mega esophagus. It was clear that Lilac needed to get  out of the shelter.  With a lot of promoting and work Lilac has a wonderful new home where she is thriving.


Senior cats don’t do well at an animal shelter usually. Pet Adoption League has rescued numerous older cats from the Yonkers Animal Shelter. Think how sad an owner passes away and their beloved pet is dumped in an animal shelter. Often depressed themselves, such was poor Princess. Once she became sick at the shelter we stepped in taking her to a foster home and making sure she got better. Now adopted and loving her new home. Her new Mom says that Princess is perfect and is so glad she adopted a very young at heart senior.


Often it’s just PAL volunteers like Maureen, Chris and Regina putting in the time to work with the dogs, give them some training so they are ready when that right person comes in the door. That was the story for poor CoCo, who waited over a year for her Happy Ever After. A beautiful girl with a lot of energy and no idea how to walk on a leash when she first came to the shelter. With time and love she became a well behaved (but still playful girl) …and yet she still waited. Often that is what it takes waiting for the right person.  After all the work and a little over a year, CoCo is living with her new Dad in Connecticut and very happy at last.

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