About Us

The Pet Adoption League (PAL) is a non-profit 501c3 charity that works to find loving and permanent homes for adoptable dogs and cats. In 1996 the volunteers that would become the Pet Adoption League, were instrumental in changing a local City Animal Shelter that had a killing rate of 67% to a more humane facility with a euthanasia rate of only 10-12% through 2007.

Through an aggressive, and expensive, advertising campaign hundreds of animals find new homes each year with the help of P.A.L. Over the past 12 years Pet Adoption League has helped save over 3,500 animals from its inception in 2001.

Besides advertising animals that are awaiting homes in local Animal Shelters, P.A.L. works with people to re-home their pets so they do not have to go to an animal shelter. Our Home-to-Home program makes for a kinder, gentler transition when someone can no longer keep their pet. Through the years P.A.L. is ofter there to help with pets in need when local shelters cannot. There are cases like "Hope" the puppy who was found bound up with rags bleeding in a gutter where she had been left to die. Her life was saved with quick thinking, emergency vet care and the readiness of Pet Adoption League to jump in. Or the kitten "boo Bear" thrown from a window in Mt. Vernon, after months of rest and hudreds of dollars in vet bills, like "Hope" she too is in a loving home.

Pet Adoption League is known for working with other groups to help rescue and bring about change for Westchester’s homeless animals. We have known for a long time that it is only by animal lovers and advocates working together we can save the vast number of homeless animals. Such was the ideal of the Westchester Pet Adoption Fair & Expo founded by Pet Adoption League and Cat Assistance. This event for 7 years found hundreds of homes for local New York area homeless animals. The event is now run by Best Friends from Utah.

A driving belief is that everyone deserves a chance, human and animal alike. Here there is no discrimination- you're a good person, you're a good animal you deserve respect and a chance to live a happy life.

Quick Facts About PAL

  • 501(c)3 non-profit org.
  • all-volunteer group
  • created in 1996
  • PAL’s Adoption Program has helped a Municipal Shelter's euthanzia rate decline to 14% in just one year (down from 67%).
  • funds advertising of adoptable pets
  • maintains website
  • finds foster homes
  • Helps fund medical care for urgent cases.
  • TNR program
  • Raising funds to build additional kennels at the Yonkers Animal Shelter

Learn More About PAL

Check out the rest of our site! You can learn about how to adopt from us, how to donate time and/or resources, and what types of fundraisers we are doing to make the work we do possible.